Chemistry in the Community Textbook

Chemistry in the CommunityTM (ChemComTM), is a first-year high school chemistry textbook that covers concepts in the context of societal issues. The seven units use real-world examples to emphasize chemistry topics such as organic chemistry, biochemistry, environmental chemistry, and industrial chemistry. Download a copy of the table of contents for more information here.

Students learn concepts on a need-to-know basis, evaluate data, and make decisions based on their knowledge and observations. The lab-based course features activities that give students practice in applying their knowledge of chemistry.

The Teacher's Edition lists all materials, laboratory procedures, supplemental activities, answers to problems, objectives for each unit, and information on how ChemComTM meets the National Science Education Standards. Correlations with state standards can be requested through the publisher, W.H. Freeman.

ChemComTM is a project of the American Chemical Society.

ChemComTM Webinars

Increase your understanding of ChemComTM while gaining instructional tips and techniques for student lab investigations and classroom activities.

Chemistry in the community