Project SEED Scholarships

Project SEED scholarships are nonrenewable and only awarded to first-year college students. Selection is based on achievement in school, success in the Project SEED program, financial need, and intended chemical-related field of scientific study.

The scholarships are intended to assist former SEED participants as they transition from high school to college. Scholarship awardees may recieve up to $5,000.  

Kristen Gilmore
University of the Sciences, Pa.
“My patience was tested in ways never before, but this internship sparked my interest in becoming an industrial chemist and allowed me to get experience working in a lab.  Anytime I spent in the lab felt too short.  Working at Solvay made me realize that I could help people through science.  Project SEED made me a more confident student and chemist.”

Jaqueline Sandoval

Armen Phelps
University of California, Berkeley
“Project SEED gave me a valuable experience that confirmed both my passion for chemical engineering and my interest in working in a lab. I was fascinated with everything from RNases to phenol:chloroform. Project SEED showed me what a career as a biochemical researcher looks like. While I chose chemical engineering over biochemistry, I walked away from Project SEED having a much clearer idea about my future career.”

Malcom Wiseman

Ifeoluwa Kehinde
University of Texas at A&M
“Project SEED had exposed me to firsthand college lab experience, it has also taught me the importance of trying,failing, and developing grit as a scientist and as an individual. Being a part of Project SEED has helped me develop a sense of responsibility and accountability especially as a student.”


To be eligible for a Project SEED college scholarship, you must be a high school senior, and worked at least one summer at a science institute under the Project SEED program. Scholarships are restricted to students who plan to pursue in a chemical science or engineering field such as chemistry, chemical engineering, biochemistry, materials science, or some other closely related major.

Project SEED college scholarship applications are to be submitted only by students who participated in the Summer I, or Summer II SEED program, and entering their senior year in the fall.

How to Apply

Eligible students should submit the following by  DECEMBER 3, 2019:

  • Scholarship Application
  • Official High School Transcript
  • Two Letters of Recommendation (High school science teacher and ACS Project SEED mentor)
    • Mentor Recommendation. The mentor recommendation letter should include a description of the progress made on the research project, the applicant’s attitude toward research, aptitude and enthusiasm toward chemistry, and potential as a future scientist/professional in a chemical-related field. This letter may be provided by either a research mentor or by an individual (e.g., graduate student, post-doc, technician, etc.) directly supervising the applicant's research in the lab.
    • High School Teacher Recommendation. The high school teacher recommendation letter should include a description of the applicant’s enthusiasm and commitment toward a chemistry-related career, as well as their academic success.  The letter should also describe the impact ACS Project SEED has had on the applicant.
  • 2019 FAFSA Web Submission Confirmation Page (Due January 31, 2019) ADDITIONAL DOCUMENTS WILL NOT BE REVIEWED
    (e.g. comments, abstracts, personal statements, resumes, references, etc.)

Send your documents via:

American Chemical Society
Project SEED Office
Room 833
1155 Sixteenth Street, NW
Washington, DC 20036

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