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Project SEED Scholarships

There are several Project SEED scholarships available, including renewable and nonrenewable awards. Selection is based on achievement in school, success in the Project SEED program, financial need, and intended chemical-related field of scientific study.  The scholarships are intended to assist former SEED participants as they transition from high school to college.  

  • One-Year, Non-renewable Scholarships: These award up to $5,000 for your freshman year in college.  Each year, approximately 30 awardees are selected.
  • Renewable Scholarship - Joseph D. Loconti: This awards between $2,500 and $5,000 for four years in college.  One awardee is selected each year from the pool of one-year, non-renewable scholarship applicants. No additional paperwork or applications necessary to apply.
  • Renewable Scholarship - CIBA Specialty Chemicals: This awards 2-5 sophomores that were previously selected as a one-year scholarship recipient.  Students can apply during the second half of their freshman year for $5,000 per academic year for 3 additional years.  Eligible students will be contacted directly with information to apply.


John Rezk
Princeton University
“More than just influencing my educational and career choices, Project SEED helped me grow tremendously as a scientist. I gained crucial knowledge about engineering principles and technologies and applied these to analytical problem solving and critical thinking. While working in the midst of engineers and scientists, I worked on a level I had never before worked on and grasped an understanding of the power of creativity and good work ethic."

Jaqueline Sandoval

Mirka Ortiz
New Jersey City University
“The techniques that I learned through the research with Project SEED advanced and I became more familiar with the proper format of research. I became a better scientist, and with the learned knowledge from the research in the past two years, it inspired me to think beyond mere description and into the realms of scientific inference and reasoning. Overall, Project SEED has impacted my desire to make an intellectual or practical contribution to the world and has motivated me to continue my studies in chemistry and become someday a well-known scientist."

Malcom Wiseman

Richard Nwakamma
Emory University
“Project SEED gave me the opportunity to experience the life of a scientist. At first, I believed that being a scientist would be very difficult, expecting that each experiment had to be perfect every time. However, this experience has been amazing, and as a result I have research experience, an increased devotion to solving an issue, and have decided my post-secondary plans"


To be eligible for a Project SEED college scholarship, you

  • Must currently be a high school senior and plan to enroll full-time into an accredited college or university
  • Worked at least one summer in the Project SEED program
  • Plan to pursue a degree in a chemical science or chemical engineering field such as chemistry, chemical engineering, biochemistry, materials science, or some other closely related major

How to Apply

Eligible students should submit the following by  DECEMBER 31, 2019:

  • Scholarship Application
  • Official High School Transcript
  • Two Letters of Recommendation (High school science teacher and ACS Project SEED mentor)
    • Mentor Recommendation. The mentor recommendation letter should include a description of the progress made on the research project, the applicant’s attitude toward research, aptitude and enthusiasm toward chemistry, and potential as a future scientist/professional in a chemical-related field. This letter may be provided by either a research mentor or by an individual (e.g., graduate student, post-doc, technician, etc.) directly supervising the applicant's research in the lab.
    • High School Teacher Recommendation. The high school teacher recommendation letter should include a description of the applicant’s enthusiasm and commitment toward a chemistry-related career, as well as their academic success.  The letter should also describe the impact ACS Project SEED has had on the applicant.
  • 2019 FAFSA Web Submission Confirmation Page (Due January 31, 2020) ADDITIONAL DOCUMENTS WILL NOT BE REVIEWED
    (e.g. comments, abstracts, personal statements, resumes, references, etc.)

Send your documents via:

American Chemical Society
Project SEED Office
Room 833A
1155 Sixteenth Street, NW
Washington, DC 20036

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