Outreach Volunteer of the Year Award

Award at a Glance

Recipient Volunteer
Category Community Recognition
DeadlineDecember 15, 2022


To recognize the immeasurable efforts made by ACS local section and international chapter volunteers who conduct outreach and teach the public about chemistry.


ACS presents awardees with a small gift and a certificate during a meeting or event. Awardees are also recognized at the annual ChemLuminary Awards, on social media, and in a special article in Chemical & Engineering News.

Beginning in 2021, the ACS Committee on Community Activities (CCA) selects one VOTY awardee from a local section or international chapter to be named the Global Outreach Volunteer of the Year. Additionally, in 2021, CCA leveraged the VOTY program to recognize volunteers who were dynamic in response to the COVID-19 pandemic during 2020. Since ACS groups were discouraged from planning in-person events and, instead, encouraged to plan virtual chemistry events, CCA leveraged the 2021 ACS Global Outreach Volunteer of the Year award to name the most outstanding volunteer who planned virtual events in 2020.


Volunteers are only eligible to be recognized once every five years. Members of CCA are not eligible for the Global Outreach Volunteer of the Year award if nominated or selected during their CCA service years.


December 15, 2022

How to Apply

Each ACS local section and international chapter can recognize one individual annually for demonstrating extraordinary outreach volunteer service. Chairs receive communications and access to the submission form in mid-October.

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