Local Section METT Grant Recipients



Revamp Communications Strategy
Redevelop Section's website and communications strategy from the ground up, to engage a younger demographic via mobile platform, usage analytics, and broadcasting section meetings.

Connecticut Valley

Enhancing Community in the ACS-CVS
Redesign Section website with a modernized user interface allowing for increased member interaction; feature live-streamed Section's symposia.

Dallas-Fort Worth

Enabling Virtual Meetings and Increased Communication
Host virtual meetings to engage increased member participation; invest in technology to enable more effective communication between meetings.

Eastern New York

Membership Engagement Redefined via Virtual Reality and Other Interactive Technology
Use interactive technology to fully engage current members and attract new and younger members to Section events and meetings; promote activities through the use of VR technology for exploring STEM-related topics.

Greater Houston

Connecting Greater Houston Through Technology
Conduct meetings, and provide streaming and archived content to the entire Section membership.


Long-Distance Engagement for Local Meetings and CERM 2019
Incorporate long-distance learning technologies to increase programming at less cost.

New York

Livestreaming Virtual Seminars from the New York Section
Provide 60 annual seminars to members through live-streaming social media platforms (Facebook Live and Livestream.com) to increase content accessibility and member engagement.

Red River Valley

Zoom in Local Section Meetings
Broaden member participation in meetings, invited speaker presentations, and other events through web conferencing.

Savannah River

Technological Capabilities of the Savannah River Section
Record and publicize demonstrations, webinars, and interviews with local chemists to stimulate members' interest in Section events.

South Texas

Online Meeting and Video Recording for Engaging Section Members
Implement online meeting technology to hold monthly webinars for all Section members, involving them for real-time discussion.

Washington-Idaho Border

Engaging Members through 3D-Printing Competition and Collaboration
Purchase two 3D printers to initiate artistic- or engineering-based 3D-printing challenges for undergraduate students, to be assigned and judged by Section leaders. Student groups will also lead 3D-printing events at local schools.