Local Section Member Engagement and EnhancemenT (LS-MEET)

The Local Section Member Engagement and EnhancemenT (LS-MEET) grant is designed to replace the Local Section Members Engaging Through Technology (METT) grant.

Grant at a Glance

Recipient Volunteer
Category Community Recognition,  Events & Activities
AmountUp to $2,000
DeadlineMay 31, 2023


The Local Section Member Engagement and EnhancemenT (LS-MEET) grant program is designed to specifically strengthen and build community in Local Sections of the American Chemical Society. Funding applications should seek to better engage their current membership tied to the section's goals and activities and/or to enhance their member recruitment efforts with bringing in new members to the local section. Funding can be used for specific events, ongoing programming, and purchase of technology or materials. Local sections may inform local high schools that they can get a free membership in ACS when they join AACT.

Potential new funding opportunities may include targeted events to communities of local chemists who are not currently involved in the local section, i.e., schoolteachers, industrial chemists, or by creating events to bring local section members together outside of efforts funded under programs such as the LSAC Science Café or IPG.

Application Guidelines

  • Projects which incorporate innovative use of technology to enhance local section connections are encouraged.
  • As part of the submission, applicants should make clear the target demographic and whether the requested funding is to enhance interactions between current local section members within that demographic and/or increase membership in the local section.
  • Applications should state how the current local section goals and activities are highlighted as part of the funding request
  • Where relevant, a project timeline should be submitted based on potential funding being awarded in July of each year. 

Budget Guidelines

  • Maximum funding level: $2,000
  • Funding should focus on methods to better connect local section members and/or increase exposure of potential members in the community to the local section.
  • Applications should include specific budget information about the event and/or the proposed technology purchase(s).

Specific Budget Guidelines

  • Local Sections are encouraged to keep food expenses under 20% and venue rental costs under 25% of the total amount requested from the Committee on Local Section Activities.
  • Alcohol may be funded if central to the event i.e. tasting at a brewery.
  • Memberships to ACS or discount to membership as part of the event is allowed up to 25% of the total budget. In the case of paying for standard or premium ACS memberships, these should be offered to only a select number of potential new members at an event and offering discounts to more potential members may be a better use of funds.
  • Giveaways such as ACS merchandise is permitted but cannot exceed 25% of the total funding request.
  • Honoraria or stipends cannot be funded under this grant neither can pass-through donations to individuals or other organizations.


Applications are due by May 31, 2023 by 11:59 pm ET.

Impact of LSAC-Funded Activities

A report following the acquisition and use of the materials or after the event funded under this grant should be filed no later than 12 months of funding being received. Details of events or funded materials may be shared by LSAC with other sections on the ACS webpage and social media. Submit a final report.

Contact Information

Email: lsac@acs.org

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