ACS Green Chemistry Institute Staff

Adelina Voutchkova

Adelina joined the American Chemical Society as the Director of Sustainable Development in June, 2022. Her research program at GWU  spans the two frontiers of green chemistry: the development of green synthetic methods through supported catalysis, and the development of predictive methods for identifying chemicals of  toxicological concern. She is the recipient of NSF CAREER award, the 2020 Early Career Researcher Award from GWU and the 2021 Thieme Chemistry Journals Award, among others. Adelina was previously a Research Associate and a Postdoctoral Fellow at the Yale Center for Green Chemistry and Green Engineering and completed her PhD in organometallic chemistry at Yale with Bob Crabtree, focusing on atom-economical catalytic transformations facilitated by NHC complexes. She earned her BA from Middlebury College, where she worked with Prof. Sunhee Choi on the chemistry of Pt anticancer complexes.  

Christiana Briddell

Christiana Briddell is the Sr. Communications and Marketing Manager at the ACS Green Chemistry Institute. In this role she enables the Institute to fulfill its mission by providing greater visibility and uptake of sustainable and green chemistry tools, resources, programs and events. She is the editor of the Institute’s newsletter and blog, The Nexus, and a frequent contributor of green chemistry news and articles to journals and news publications. Christiana joined the American Chemical Society in 2013 having previously co-founded a web development and marketing company where she was an early innovator of social media campaigns and online educational platforms. She has a master’s degree in Communication from John Hopkins University and a B.S. in Environmental Science from Dickinson College.

David J.C. Constable

David J.C. Constable is the Science Director of the ACS Green Chemistry Institute®.   In this role he works to catalyze and enable the implementation of green chemistry and engineering throughout the global chemistry enterprise. David has held a variety of industry roles in Energy, Environment, Safety and Health focusing on influencing scientists, engineers and decision makers responsible for chemical research, development and manufacturing in the Chemical, Pharmaceutical and Aerospace and Defense industries.  He has developed a variety of programs, systems, tools, and methodologies that integrated sustainability, life cycle inventory assessment, green chemistry, and green technology activities into existing business processes. 

David A. Laviska

David A. Laviska is the Portfolio Manager for Green Chemistry and Sustainability in Education. Prior to joining the ACS GCI, he was an Assistant Professor at Seton Hall University where he is co-director of the Academy for Green Chemistry, Stewardship, and Sustainability. As a pedagogical innovator, he led the effort to incorporate the principles of Green Chemistry throughout the Organic and General Chemistry curricula and was recognized by the College of Arts and Sciences as “Professor of the Year” in 2020. As a first-generation college student and member of the LGBTQIA+ community, he took leading roles in working with undergraduate STEM students from across the spectrum of underrepresented groups. His research focuses on green(er) synthesis and characterization of late transition metal complexes with unique optical properties and hetero- and homogeneous catalysis. His research students also develop and pilot green(er) experimental protocols for use in undergraduate teaching labs. Prior to his second career in academia, Dr. Laviska worked for more than a decade as an Environmental/Analytical Specialist with the EPA (Region II) and earned degrees in chemistry from Rutgers University (Ph.D.), University of Washington (M.S.), and Cornell University (B.A.).

Isamir Martinez

Isamir Martinez is the Scientific Alliances and Business Engagement Manager at the ACS Green Chemistry Institute®; leading efforts to enable the implementation of green and sustainable chemistry and engineering throughout the global chemical enterprise by working with the ACS GCI Industrial portfolio, engaging stakeholders and other strategic collaborative programs. Prior to joining ACS in 2016, Isamir held scientific positions at Neurogen Corporation, Pfizer Pharmaceuticals, and consulted for several years, building alliances, managing projects, and developing business with biotechs and Contract Research Organizations (CRO’s). She has also taught organic chemistry courses at Quinnipiac University & University of Connecticut. Isamir holds a Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry from University of Connecticut, and a B.S. in Chemistry from University of Puerto Rico. After her Ph.D. she served as a Dreyfus fellow at Connecticut College. She has a Master Certificate in Applied Project Management and is a PMP certified.

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ACS GCI's Green Chemistry and Engineering Conference

The 27th Annual Green Chemistry & Engineering Conference will be held June 13-15, 2023 in Long Beach, CA on the theme, Closing the Loop: Chemistry for a Sustainable Future.