The popular American Chemical Society Molecule of the Week now has its own mobile app.

WASHINGTON, April 15, 2010 — The American Chemical Society’s (ACS) Molecule of the Week (MOTW) is one of the most popular destinations on the ACS website, and it may be getting more popular. The reason: ACS has unveiled a MOTW mobile application for iTunes.

Current MOTW enthusiasts –– and everyone else interested in science –– can download the new app from

Each week, the MOTW presents a different molecule, with a description, image of the molecular structure, links to records from the Chemical Abstracts (CAS) RegistrySM,

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and other information. From allicin (the molecule responsible for the odor of crushed garlic) and ascorbic acid (vitamin C) to xylitol (the sugar substitute) and zingerone (which gives ginger a hot taste), there are always fascinating molecules that relate chemistry to everyday life.

The new app automatically delivers these features (plus a game quiz) to the convenience of an iPhone, iPod Touch, and the just-released iPad. There are other cool features, too — such as a clue that appears with a shake of an iPhone or iPod — all designed to make the MOTW iPhone app not only informative but fun, too.