The Spacefaring Power of Pee

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Reactions Science Videos | August 22, 2017

Getting to Mars is on our minds back here on Earth, and when it comes to space travel, recycling is a space traveler's best friend - pee included! Today we're looking at a brilliant new potential use for pee in space, and URINE for a surprise, it flows a bit farther than drinking water!


Article on the pee story:

The Man Turning Astronaut Breath and Pee Into Plastics and Omega-3s

NASA funds research to recycle human waste for deep-space travel

Challenges associated with a trip to mars:

Why Is It So Hard to Travel to Mars?

The 12 Greatest Challenges for Space Exploration

Using urine to grow plants in space:

How Urine Could Help Astronauts Grow Food in Space

Plants in deep space and on mars:

NASA Plant Researchers Explore Question of Deep-Space Food Crops

NASA video on Veggies:

ScienceCasts: Historic Vegetable Moment on the Space Station

Background on the nitrogen cycle//why we need all this stuff additive manufacturing on station:

Additive Manufacturing Facility (Manufacturing Device) - 07.26.17

Getting thirsty in space:

How Do Astronauts Get Drinking Water on the ISS?

US astronauts drink recycled urine aboard space station but Russians refuse

About the engineer behind pee recycling systems:

Solving a space station’s toilet-shaped problem

More recently installed system:

How Recycled Astronaut Pee Boosts Chances for Future Deep-Space Travel


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