What Happens When You Overdose?

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Reactions Science Videos | July 23, 2019

Your body is a delicately balanced chemical system, and if you take too much of a drug you destroy that balance. That’s what happens when you overdose. These week on Reactions, learn how to spot an overdose and the ways different types of drugs wreak havoc in your brain.

Fentanyl is deadlier than heroin

The fentanyl story

Fentanyl abuse

Poisoning with illicit substances


Methamphetamine versus cocaine

Stimulant abuse

What happens when you overdose

Alcohol overdose


Alcohol and the brain

Benzos and opioids

Neurotransmitter overview

Neurotransmitters and alcohol

The Brain, McGill University

Charcoal and acetylcysteine for overdose

Acetaminophen overdose

Cocaine effects

Meth and the blood-brain barrier

GABA binding after taking benzos

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