How lead (maybe) caused the downfall of ancient Rome

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Reactions Science Videos | June 23, 2021

Ancient Rome’s emperors did some pretty bizarre stuff — bursting into uncontrollable fits of laughter, appointing a horse as a priest, dressing in animal skins and attacking people … the list goes on. Why were they acting that way? Well, it might have been lead poisoning. In this week’s episode, we unwrap the possibility that lead caused the Roman Empire’s collapse.

Why ancient Rome kept choosing bizarre and perverted emperors

Neuronal Calcium Signaling

The cationic (calcium and lead) and enzyme conundrum

Pb Neurotoxicity: Neuropsychological Effects of Lead Toxicity

Lead and Lead Poisoning from Antiquity to Modern Times

The Exposure of Some Romano-British Populations to Lead

Lead in ancient human bones and its relevance to historical developments of social problems with lead
Enhanced methods for assessment of the trace element composition of Iron Age bone     

The first artificial sweetener poisoned lots of Romans

Lead Chemistry

Why lead is dangerous, and the damage it does

Lead poisoning and health

Tracking Roman lead sources using lead isotope analysis. A case study from the imperial rural estate at Vagnari (Puglia, Italy)

Lead between the lines

Lead in ancient Rome’s city waters

Lead poisoning and the fall of Rome

Deadly lead: how lead poisoning affected the Roman Empire

Londinium Romans’ blood lead levels so high they may have lowered birth rates

Lead: Versatile Metal, Long Legacy

Ancient Roman Metal Used for Physics Experiments Ignites Science Feud

ScienceShot: Did Lead Poisoning Bring Down Ancient Rome?

Elevated lead exposure in Roman occupants of Londinium: New evidence from the archaeological record

Saturnine Gout among Roman Aristocrats — Did Lead Poisoning Contribute to the Fall of the Empire?

The deadly biology of lead exposure

Former Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder Charged In Flint Water Crisis

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