Get the Facts Out

Dispel the myths about teaching STEM!

The United States has a considerable shortage of chemistry teachers in middle and high school and we need your help to reverse this trend!

Teacher showing his students a chemistry experiment.


of chemistry majors have some interest in becoming a teacher


of chemistry undergraduates reported negative perception of the choice to pursue careers in middle or high school teaching


agreed with the statement that middle or high school teaching is discussed as a career option in my major department

How do we address this predicament and ensure that interested students have access to accurate information?

Become a Local Champion and get the facts out!

Get the Facts Out is an NSF-funded project designed to provide chemistry and other STEM faculty with the tools to explain and correct misperceptions with data on salary, benefits, and career satisfaction of STEM secondary school teachers.

Use the virtual toolkit of resources to share with students, colleagues, and administrators and become a local champion! The project also includes qualitative and quantitative research to evaluate optimal approaches to disseminating messaging about careers in secondary STEM teaching.

Become a Local Champion!

Meet the Chemistry Change Agents

ACS has appointed four change agents to help advise and shape this effort and disseminate the Get the Facts Out project.

Etta C. Gravely

Associate Professor of Chemistry and Coordinator of the Chemistry Education Program at North Carolina Agricultural and Technological State University in Greensboro, N.C.

William Hunter

Professor of Chemistry and Teaching and Learning and former Director of the Center for Mathematics, Science and Technology at Illinois State University.

Jennifer B. Nielson

Associate Dean of the College of Physical and Mathematical Sciences at Brigham Young University and Teaching Professor of Chemistry, Chair of the ACS Society Committee on Education.

Ellen J. Yezierski

Professor of Chemistry and the Director of the Center for Teaching Excellence at Miami University, Chair of the Journal of Chemical Education Board of Publication for the ACS Division of Chemical Education.

ACS Supports Future Chemistry Teachers

ACS Hach Programs
Scholarships for future faculty

American Association of Chemistry Teachers
AACT is a professional community by and for K–12 teachers of chemistry. It offers a pre-service teacher membership discount.

Alternative Teacher Certification for High School Chemistry
An alternative way to become certified to teach, if you have a bachelor’s degree.

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