Fabrics from the Land & the Lab

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Some ties are made from silk — a strong, smooth, shiny, expensive fabric … made from insect cocoons! 

Umbrellas and Parachutes
These items are often made from nylon, a strong lightweight fabric made from coal, air, and water. Nylon is strong, lightweight, and water-resistant! 

Climbing Rope 
Climbing ropes, once made of jute, are now made of nylon. Many other ropes are still made from the strong, flexible fibers that grow inside jute plants. 

Dancing Outfits 
Many dress clothes contain rayon, which is made from a polymer harvested from trees and bamboo.

Winter Clothing
Sweaters, coats, scarves, mittens, and hats are often made with wool, a breathable yet insulating fiber from sheep. 

Athletic Wear
Polyester is a durable, easy-care fabric made from petroleum. It’s used in athletic wear, fleece outerwear, cushion filling, pillow stuffing, blankets, and more.

Upholstery Fabric & Winter Clothing
Acrylic is a durable, easy-care fabric that’s used to make coats, sweaters, mittens, and hats.  It’s also blended with polyester to make the fabric on sofas and the fur on stuffed animals.

Bed Sheets and Pajamas 
To keep you comfy in bed, sheets and PJs are often made from cotton, a soft, absorbent, and breathable fabric made from fibers in cotton plants. 

Fleece Pullover and Shoes
Used plastic bottles that are labeled PET, PETE, or have the number “1” in the recycling symbol can be recycled to become polyester fibers and fabric. 

Some fancy tablecloths are made from linen, a soft fabric made with fibers from the fast-growing flax plant.

Q. What are shoelaces made of? 
A. Usually, a blend of nylon, cotton, and polyester.

Q. Can fabric be made from animals besides sheep? 
A. Yes! Wool can also come from alpacas, llamas, camels, goats, and rabbits.

Q. What are dog leashes made of?
A. Nylon is often used for leashes because it is strong, lightweight, and repels water.