Science Safety Tips

Chemists use many strategies so their experiments are as safe as possible. They think about what they can do to keep themselves and the people around them safe and then they do these things. 

You should do the same! The safety rules below are important practices for kids and chemists to do before, during, and after every chemistry activity.


  • Ask an adult for permission to do the activity and for help when necessary.
  • Read all directions and safety rules before starting the activity.
  • Tie back long hair and tuck in loose clothing, such as long sleeves and drawstrings. 


  • Wear safety glasses and other personal protective equipment (PPE) as specified in the activity instructions. 
  • Do not eat food or drink beverages when doing any activity. 
Meg, a anthropomorphic mole with blonde hair and a red bow
Avi illustration


  • Wash, put away, recycle, or throw away materials properly.
  • Thoroughly wash hands after conducting the activity.

Every activity is different. Be sure to follow this guidance, along with the specific safety tips written in the activity instructions.  

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