Outreach Training Program (OTP)

The Outreach Training Program (OTP) helps ACS members across the globe who are passionate about science outreach to fully maximize Society resources through in-person workshops, live online courses, or on-demand courses. The OTP builds upon the success of ACS Outreach programs: National Chemistry WeekChemists Celebrate Earth Week, International Chemistry Festivals, and the Festival Training Institute. Our members and chemistry enthusiasts conduct science outreach, and the OTP is here to help you get involved!

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Program Description

The OTP includes seven parts on the history of ACS Outreach, safety, event planning, communication, marketing, leading volunteers, and monitoring success. Participants will learn to successfully plan and execute outreach events, as well as have an opportunity to network and build a community with others passionate about science outreach and ACS.

“It was a great day of meeting and talking with others who are passionate about reaching out to share their excitement and knowledge of chemistry! The workshop leaders did an excellent job conveying information about resources and best practices for holding a successful outreach event.”
Melanie DiLorenzo, CCEW/NCW Coordinator, Maine Local Section
"I have been doing outreach for more than 25 years and have a very good handle on what and how to present to children and adults, but the training made me realize that I was just about totally ignorant about how marketing and partnering could improve outcomes of programs into which I invest significant time and effort.  I was also unaware of some of the wonderful resources that ACS makes available to folks doing outreach."
Rose Pesce-Rodriguez, CCEW Coordinator, Maryland Local Section

On-Demand Course

This resource is available to anyone, membership is not required! After completing all seven sections, attendees will receive a certificate of completion. Participants are welcome to use all or part of this program.

 Topics Duration
 1. Outreach Programs Overview58:09
 2. Event Planning and Fundraising59:34
 3. Leading Volunteers59:21
 4. Marketing and Partnerships54:11
 5. Monitoring and Sustaining Success59:59
 6. Communicating through Hands-On Activities1:01:02
 7. Safety in Outreach Settings 1:01:17

Allow an additonal 10 minutes to complete the quiz and survey.

To participate in the free on-demand online course, you will need to enroll via the ACS Learning Center using your ACS ID.

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