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Fifth Grade Remote Lessons

Use our Google Forms, filled with videos of experiments, animations, and questions to create remote learning assignments students can do at home! 

Check out this walkthrough video to see how you can use these assignments with your students.

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Links to Remote Assignments

Students working on activity
Chapter 1: Matter is Made of Tiny Particles

Through investigating solids, liquids, and gases and the phenomena of dissolving, evaporation, and condensation, students develop models to investigate matter at the particle level.

1.1  Matter is Made of Tiny Particles
1.2  Dissolving M&Ms
1.3  Dissolving and Back Again
1.4  The Water Cycle

Students working on activity
Chapter 2: Substances Have Characteristic Properties

Students investigate the solubility, density, and other properties of solids and liquids to identify substances based on their characteristics.

Students working on activity
Chapter 3: Substances Can Mix and React to Form New Substances

Students explore baking soda, calcium chloride and other common substances to discover that when certain substances combine, a chemical reaction takes place, and new substances are formed.

Students working on activity
Chapter 4: Mass is Conserved in Physical and Chemical Change

Through exploring melting, dissolving, and chemical change, students discover that mass is conserved during all these processes.

4.1  Conservation of Mass

How To

  • Click on a remote learning assignment to copy it to your Google Drive
  • Do not edit the copy link when you click on it
  • Create a copy in your Google Drive and make any edits you wish
  • Click on the “eyeball” symbol at the top right to preview the form and view the videos, which only appear as images in your editable copy
  • Assign your copy to your students
  • Students will receive an email with their responses after they submit
  • Grade student work by clicking on "Responses" at the top of the editable form in your Google Drive

Need additional help?

How to Copy, Edit, and Assign

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