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Want to learn some food chemistry? Discover the science of flavors, food preparation, barbecuing and more!


  • Introduction to Flavor Chemistry from the National Historic Chemical Landmarks & AACT
    Learn about the science of tasting, and fine out what type of “taster” you are in this series of activities.
  • Milk: The Scoop on Chemical and Physical Changes from New York Agricultural in the Classroom
    These dairy products might be part of your daily diet. How did they get to their current state?
  • Cooking with Conversions from AACT
    Can you interpret a common homemade recipe for German chocolate cake with measurements in English units?
  • Analyze a Family Recipe from AACT
    Select a family recipe, or a favorite recipe to investigate. Learn more about the ingredients and the chemistry of each one, as well as their purpose in the recipe.
  • Discovering Chemical Elements in Food from AACT
    Analyze nutrition labels of some of the foods and drinks to identify which type of macromolecule is mainly supplied by the item and compare consumption with the daily recommended intake for that type of macromolecule.





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