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Learning chemistry doesn’t have to be scary. Well, except on Halloween! Find creepy chemistry ideas using dry ice, glow-in-the-dark pumpkins, and more.


  • Dressing for (Chemical Success) from ACS Chemical Education Today
    Students dress in costume to represent an element from the periodic table.
  • Make Glow-in-the-Dark Jell-O from Mom Advice
  • Add glowing Jell-O to your party menu with this recipe.
  • Laundry Detergent Glowing Skull from ThoughtCo
    Create a collection of glowing skull Halloween decorations.
  • Static Powered Dancing Ghost from Science Bob
    This ghost wants to dance but needs your help—your balloon’s help, that is.
  • Halloween Mystery Box Game from The Spruce
    Feels like… brains! Try this creepy but fun way to hone your observational skills, without peeking in the box.Watch others cook, taste, and smell in these videos. Then, connect chemistry to what you see.


  • Halloween Chemistry Demonstrations from C&EN
    Halloween twists on several common chemistry demonstrations make for spooky excitement, including the puking pumpkin, ectoplasmic drool, and the dark-side pumpkin.
  • Genie in a Bottle from Flinn Scientific
    When sodium iodide is dropped into a flask containing 30% hydrogen peroxide, a “magical” genie appears in the form of water vapor and oxygen.
  • Using Dry Ice to make a Spoon Sing (Scream!) from ThoughtCo
    Listen carefully for the sounds of Halloween screams.
  • Amazing Bag of Blood from Kitchen Pantry Scientist
    Stab a bag of “blood” without spilling a single drop in this easy Halloween demo.
  • Frankenstein’s Hand from Mom it Forward
    Frankenstein’s hand comes alive in this acid–base reaction.Watch others cook, taste, and smell in these videos. Then, connect chemistry to what you see.


  • Math & Science Pumpkins from Oregon Agricultural in the Classroom Foundation
    Do pumpkins sink or float? Students engage in several lab activities using pumpkins.
  • Spooky Diving Ghost from STEAMsational
    Put the pressure on this ghost to make it sink, then float up to the top once again.
  • Fluffy Zombie Brain Slime from Little Bins, Little Hands
    Create this extra fluffy slime recipe in a brain-shaped (or Halloween themed) mold.
  • Crystal Pumpkin Suspension Science from Little Bins, Little Hands
    Students can grow borax crystal pumpkins overnight!



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