Webinar for LEADS Conference Participants

Creating a Sustainable World through Chemistry - U.N. Sustainable Development Goals

Tuesday: May 24, 4-5pm ET

This interactive webinar is exclusively for ACS LEADS conference participants. It will provide information about how the United Nations (U.N.) brings the world’s nations together to discuss common problems and find shared solutions that benefit all of humanity. The rationale for the United Nation’s sustainability development goals (SDGs) and how the organization measures progress globally will be discussed. Chemists will share how the global chemical science community can help achieve the SDGs. The Q&A session will allow LEADS conference participants to have a conversation with experts from the U.N., ACS, and broader chemistry enterprise. 

Meet the Speakers & Moderator:

Nina Brandt

Nina Brandt (Speaker), United Nations

Nina Brandt, MS, SEP, has been with the United Nations for over 15 years and currently leads a digital change agenda at UNDESA by advocating for more data-driven and digital capacity building support to governments. Passionate about driving change and “connecting things and people”, she also led a global outreach program called “UN Development Business” that connects the private sector to business opportunities in developing countries. She built it to a global platform and brand with strong partners and more than 2000 subscribers. Nina had the chance to support the UN Secretary-General with seamless communications as weekend associate spokesperson and has participated in numerous panels, workshops and events speaking on topics such as “how to do business with the UN”. As a former Fulbright Scholar, a WomeninPower Fellow and a DAAD and Landesstiftung Baden-Wuerttemberg Scholar, she studied and worked in 5 countries and holds a Diplom in Psychology from Heidelberg University, a Master’s in Media from the New School and a Diploma in Advanced Management from IESE Business School.

David Chichester-Constable

David Chichester-Constable (Speaker), American Chemical Society

David J.C. Constable, Ph.D., is the Science Director of the American Chemical Society’s Green Chemistry Institute®.   In this role he works to catalyze and enable the implementation of green chemistry and engineering throughout the global chemistry enterprise.

David has held a variety of industry roles in Energy, Environment, Safety and Health focusing on influencing scientists, engineers and decision makers responsible for chemical research, development and manufacturing in the Chemical, Pharmaceutical and Aerospace and Defense industries.  He has developed a variety of programs, systems, tools, and methodologies that integrated sustainability, life cycle inventory assessment, green chemistry, and green technology activities into existing business processes.  

Joerg Schlatterer

Joerg Schlatterer (Moderator), American Chemical Society

Joerg Schlatterer, Ph.D., leads the ACS Student and Postdoctoral Scholars Development Office. Dr. Schlatterer studied chemistry in Berlin and received his Ph.D. in Heidelberg (Germany) in 2003. He served as Assistant Dean of Faculty Professional Development at Columbia University Medical Center and as program officer at the National Science Foundation prior joining ACS. At ACS, he helps advance research on career and professional development and broadening participation efforts. 


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