Periodic Table Educational Resources for Ages 1-5

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Elementary Classroom Activities
Browse a list of curated classroom activities by the American Association of Chemistry Teachers.

Classroom Activities: Metals and Magnets
Students can discover what makes steel rust, which materials conduct electricity the best, learn how to make a compass and much more with these articles and activities about metals and magnets.

Chemistry set and microscope against a chartruese background

Adventures in Chemistry
This dynamic website for young children offers hands-on activities; online games and articles to help children better understand everyday chemistry.


Secret Science of Braces
Students learn the history of braces, what makes them strong, the metal’s atomic structure and much more in this article.

Safety in the Elementary Science Classroom
This booklet is designed to assist elementary science teachers with one of the special aspects of teaching science—creating a safe experimental environment for students.


Outer Space Molecule Chase

Guide Linus—a lab rat—through mazes on different levels to escape Space Station Seven, go to an asteroid, and save the world! Linus has a futuristic molecular replicator to create common substances that will help him overcome obstacles on each level.