CMO Excellence in Green Chemistry Award

Award at a Glance

Recipient Industry, International
Category Green Chemistry
AmountUp to $5,000
DeadlineDecember 16, 2022


To recognize outstanding efforts by Contract Manufacturing Organization (CMO) companies in pharmaceutical green chemistry in support of pharmaceutical research, development and manufacturing that demonstrate compelling environmental, safety and/or efficiency improvements.


This year the ACS Green Chemistry Institute Pharmaceutical Roundtable (GCIPR) is launching a new award: The CMO Excellence in Green Chemistry Award.

The award intends to recognize greener advances in synthetic route development for starting materials, intermediates or active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), including reaction conditions and chemical or manufacturing technologies.

The submission should highlight the green and sustainable chemistry accomplishments at meaningful scale and must detail their significance (e.g., reduction in process mass intensity, improvement in RPG (iGAL), waste reduction, robustness, environmental, health and safety impact reduction or elimination, reduction in the use of toxic and/or hazardous chemicals, solvents, reagents, etc.).

The award will be publicly presented at the ACS Green Chemistry Institute’s annual Green Chemistry & Engineering Conference in June. The recipient, or a member of the winning team, will be invited to share their technology in an oral presentation at this event. The speaker’s transportation, lodging and registration fees for the conference are reimbursable up to $2,500 USD (additional funds available for international travel following ACS guidelines). The recipient or winning team will also receive a plaque recognizing the achievement and certificates will be given to each team member.

Chemistry enhances the quality of life and green chemistry is the path to enhanced global sustainability while delivering these benefits. The ACS GCIPR looks forward to receiving submissions for consideration for the CMO Excellence in Green Chemistry Award.


CMO companies applying for this award must be headquartered in Asian countries. Nominees do not have to be member of the American Chemical Society nor the ACS GCIPR.

Accomplishments relative to the design principles of green chemistry at meaningful scale are eligible for this award. Nominations must detail the significance (i.e., in yield, waste reduction, greenness (RPG), robustness, environmental impact, reduction of toxic and/or hazardous chemicals, etc.) of the chemistry or engineering.

The CMO Excellence in Green Chemistry Award seeks to recognize CMO company-level accomplishments that highlight a strategic commitment to green chemistry and engineering innovation and to greater industrial sustainability.


December 16, 2022

How to Apply

Please send your application in a single PDF file to with “CMO Award Application – [NAME OF COMPANY]” in the subject line. The application will be in consideration for three consecutive years once submitted.

Judging Process

A panel of industrial pharmaceutical scientists will evaluate the applications and recommend a winner.


Notifications will go out in early 2023.


ACS Green Chemistry Institute Pharmaceutical Roundtable (GCIPR)

Contact Information

Questions about the CMO should be directed to the ACS Green Chemistry Institute®.

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