Local Section DEIR Grant Past Recipients



Increasing a Diverse ACS Membership through Local Section Efforts: Chemistry Pipeline Retention (CPR)
A 6-week summer industrial internship combined with a community service project to engage, retain, and develop identity and belonging for traditionally marginalized undergraduate students in chemistry (within the local section). 

Northern New York      

Chemistry in the Movies: Supporting Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Respect
In-person film screening of Flint (2018) to university and high school students, faculty, and Local Section members in chemical science fields followed by an open discussion on issues dealt with in the movie with 5-person panel that have varying and relevant expertise and the rest of the audience. 

Southern California

Advancing SCALACS 's Vsion of DEIR in Southern California Educational Institutions 
SCALACS will seek relationships with high school and 2-year college science teachers to identify and sponsor activities that motivate underprivileged students, enable them to build self-confidence, and to raise their educational level to the top.


STEM Journey Speaker Series Expansion Project
In 2022, STEM Journey (an annual Cape Cod STEM education outreach event since 2014, founded and organized by members of the NESACS PR Committee) seeks to expand its reach by launching a Speaker Series which will bring the essence of STEM Journey to various underserved populations.


PRomoting Diversity and Equity In ChemisTry (PREDICT)
Empowering our members while providing a safe learning space to discuss topics freely and build meaningful connections by restructuring our 2021 PREDICT Program from a two-day symposium to a 3-part initiative with more focused objectives.


Recruitment and Retention of Underrepresented/Underserved Students in STEM Education
Actively recruiting, supporting, and retaining students from underrepresented and underserved populations to enable growth and improvement in diversity, inclusion, equity, and mutual respect in STEM education.


CalACS Student Engagement, Diversity, and Awards Program Proposal
The CalACS New Student Award Program provides aspiring high school seniors, undergraduate students, and graduate students in the chemistry field who come from underrepresented backgrounds an opportunity to engage with their local ACS sections to build their industry network and receive mentorship.

San Diego           

Summer Program Application Mentorship
The Summer Program Application Mentorship (SPAM) program will help underrepresented and underprivileged community college students apply for summer research fellowships (SURFs) by pairing each mentee with a mentor from a pool of grad student, postdoc, staff, and faculty volunteers.

Ole Miss   

Ole Miss Local Section Student Awards Banquet DEIR Emphasis  
Promoting a DEIR emphasis by inviting an expert speaker to a section-wide banquet in April 2022, allowing award winners to attend the banquet for free, and engaging historically black colleges and community colleges in the local section as active participants. 


Química Bajo el Sol / Chemistry Under the Sun
Bilingual activities taking place at the Mid-Columbia libraries in the Tri-cities, such as students and parents having the opportunity to design a sharpie tie-die t-shirt, making thermochromic color-changing slime, and enjoying ice cream while learning about Chemistry in everyday life. 


Day in the life of an industrial scientist    
Aiming to give the opportunity to college students in underrepresented areas to interact with industrial scientists by having a real science problem to solve as well as professional development activities such as mentoring discussion, guided group discussion, panel and poster session. 


Increasing number of Project SEED participants from diverse backgrounds in Idaho  
Supporting at least two ACS Project SEED participants ($3200/student) who are from underrepresented demographics (first-generation college goer, female, LGBTQ, Hispanic, African American, and/or Native American HS students) by requesting $3000 from the Local Section DEIR Grant and matching $3400 from Idaho State University (ISU.)



Advancing Diversity, Inclusivity and Respect for individuals among STEM professionals in training
Developing a speaker/webinar series focused on advancing both the knowledge and awareness of diversity, inclusion and professional equity in STEM by Wayne State University NOBCChE chapter during the winter semester of 2021.


Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Conversations
Three hour-long conversations and informal trainings to foster the section's equity and inclusion guided by trained DEI facilitator.

Chemical Society of Washington    

Seminar Series for Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging  
Monthly seminars with a rotating focus, alternating between exposure to chemistry careers at the high school, undergraduate and Early Career level and also hosting book authors to discuss diversity, racial justice, or chemistry focus and mentorship/networking.

New York  

Embracing Our Diversity 
Producing a video series and organizing movie, book, and group discussions to promote the contributions of our diverse membership to chemistry and support the New York ACS Section’s goal of better serving all our members by fostering a culture of diversity, inclusion and respect..

Silicon Valley

Paving the Path
A mentoring program for students transferring from community colleges to 4-year institutions by pairing mentees with university student mentors to have the pairs meet 1-on-1 and join workshops on career planning, resumes, leadership, personal growth..

Orange County 

STEM Family Night for Disadvantaged Communities and Foster Homes to Improve Diversity, Inclusion, and Respect 
Launching a STEM family night that teaches chemistry to disadvantaged children ages 5-10 through fun and exciting toy sets and to youths who are at an age when they can see possibilities for their future engagements in STEM and are least likely to get access to it.


Tools to Empower Women, Minority, and Underrepresented Chemists to Achieve Their Full Potential
Supporting tickets for students to attend Overcoming Imposter Syndrome, a lecture by Valerie Young (https://impostorsyndrome.com/valerie-young) and Combatting Implicit Bias, an education session by Project Implicit (https://www.projectimplicit.net).  


PRomoting Equity and Diversity In ChemisTry (PREDICT)
Hosting a two-day symposium to facilitate career building discussions from the perspectives of various minority groups followed by an outreach event supporting the e-learning needs of underserved youths to promote diversity and inclusivity within the Indianapolis community.


Girls in STEM
A one-day event intended to engage over 600 people in the community to encourage 6th grade girls to pursue education and careers related to STEM by having the girls and their chaperones rotating through modules of discussion and science demos related to various fields of science and engineering.

Huron Valley

Michigan Chemistry Demonstration Education, Mentoring, and Outreach (MC-DEMO)
Developing a sustainable partnership with local schools and the broader Washtenaw County community to provide hands-on science experiences for students who may not have access to these resources with hopes of expanding this program to communities outside of Washtenaw County.

Lehigh Valley  

LVACS After School Chemistry Partnership
Enabling our members to partner with the community to provide an interactive, virtual after-school chemistry extension program via Zoom taking place a day/week over three months.


Better Together: Improving Diversity in the Rochester Section
Promoting representation and opportunities to local minorities, deaf and hard of hearing, and international student communities via a networking platform of academic/industrial underrepresented speaker series, diversity in Chemistry debriefs and online outreach events.

San Diego

Chem's for Me
A seminar series of six plus talks established to encourage both women and students from under-represented groups in the chemical sciences to pursue careers in chemistry and give greater visibility to the research efforts of women and individuals from diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds. . 


Rosemary Anderson Schools Exploring Community Based Science Projects
Supporting underserved students at the Rosemary Anderson Schools to learn new STEM skills by hands on education program for 500 alternative students, meeting with mentors, and development professionals to investigate career opportunities for 2020-2021 school year..


Promoting Diversity, Inclusion, and Respect in Chemistry Classrooms and Research Labs in Hawaii
Promoting diversity, inclusion, and respect (DI&R) in chemistry classrooms and research labs in Hawaii and help increase the overall awareness of DI&R in the local chemistry community via three activities (speaker series, outreach program, and professional development workshops.) 


Explore COVID-19 | Explorando COVID-19
A one-day virtual outreach event to give the opportunity for enthusiastic young students to take part in fun, practical chemistry activities by providing the kits to the 7th grade students of the Stevens Middle School at Pasco.


Working Together to Support Undergraduate Research
Providing meaningful undergraduate research opportunities for a diverse set of students at two locations: Idaho State University and Brigham Young University-Idaho.


High School Career Skills Mentoring Program
Pairing underserved high schoolers with mentors in the community for a semester long skills-based program by having the group meet 8 times over Zoom to learn and practice topics (resume writing, networking, college applications) and also includes a minimum of 3 one-on-one meetings with mentors. 

Puget Sound

Engaging K-8 Under-Representated Students in Chemisrty
Through the recently formed ACS PSS Section DI&R Committee engaging K-8 schools in the chemical sciences by virtual and, when possible, in-person classroom visits and demonstrations conducted in schools with a high population of under-represented students in chemistry.