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Establishing International Chapters

More than 24,000 ACS members are located outside of the United States. International Chemical Sciences Chapters provide a means for these ACS members to socialize, exchange technical information, and gain international recognition. ACS Bylaws provide for the establishment of overseas chapters of the American Chemical Society.

How Does a Group of ACS Members in a Non U.S. Location Petition the ACS to Become a Chapter?

First, please review the relevant ACS Bylaw that provides for the establishment of overseas chapters (Bulletin 5, Bylaw IX), and then send an inquiry to the ACS Global Outreach office at

A packet of information will be sent in response and includes:

  1. An application form
  2. A statement of criteria and procedures for establishing a chapter
  3. A copy of Charter Bylaws for Chapters
  4. A copy of the ACS constitution/Bylaws

Criteria for Establishing a Chapter

All proposed chapters are encouraged to gain the approval of the relevant national chemical society, although it is not required to apply for establishment. ACS is committed to cooperating with its sister chemical societies in other nations on matters of membership.

The proposed chapter needs to define its territory, normally not smaller than a state, province, or similar geographical unit. For example, the defined territory for the ACS Hungary International Chemical Sciences Chapter is the entire country.

At least 25 members of the society with mailing addresses within the defined territory must sign the “Application for Chapter Status”.

The application must also specify:

  1. Interim officers and a contact person
  2. Activities planned for the chapter, including a tentative first-year schedule
  3. The location(s) at which the activities would take place
  4. A draft first-year budget (income and expenses)

A Chapter’s Responsibilities to ACS

Each ACS International Chemical Sciences Chapter reports annually to the Society with an annual report submitted in Community Connection by February 15 of the next calendar year.