How Can You Develop Your Personal Brand?

Creating a personal brand is about giving others the right impression. Listen in as industry experts share what a personal brand means to them and how to develop yours

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Katherine L. Lee, Senior Director, Head of Scientific Planning and Operations, Inflammation and Immunology Research Unit, Pfizer:: [00:00:00] There's all different kinds of ways we can succeed. But, I think that to figure out who we are and to leave that impression, to communicate that impression to others is another skill that I'd recommend that people become aware of and then build upon.

Bill Carroll, Carroll Applied Science, L.L.C.: [00:00:30] A brand is not a logo, a brand is not a slogan. A brand is a guarantee of quality and delivery. It's what I'm going to get from you and how I'm going to get it every time. And, the reason that you buy something branded is because of exactly that. I know what I'm going to get and I know how I'm going to get it every time. And that's what you strive for as an individual in creating a brand, it becomes your reputation.

Well, I know that when I work with Kathy, this is what I'm going to get, the quality I'm going to have, and I know how it's going to be delivered on time and under budget every time. That's what a personal brand is, and that's what you should strive for.

Katherine L. Lee: [00:01:13] Just to build on what Bill said. Who am I the expert in, and who am I the go-to person in? And also, what would I like to do more of? So, if you can kind of jot down and articulate, those are the things, I think that those would be the sorts of items that would help build your brand. It might be being a really good mentor, if you're really strong in listening and you naturally care about people, not just that you have to care about them. That may be delivering excellent technical writing, may be project leadership.

It may be branding. I think that, even though we're chemists, some of us have some natural marketing skills. So, if you think about what you're good at and what you want to be known for delivering, kind of like what Bill said, I think that's how you can build our personal brands.

Christina Bodurow, Vice President, Global Regulatory Affairs, Data Sciences, Safety & Regulatory, IQVIA: [00:02:16] Just the only thing to add is that a brand is like a holistic thing and, you know, it is your job. A lot of it is the real results that you've achieved in your job and the type of job you have and so on. But, your brand can also include other things, like your leadership skills or your communication skills, or leadership that you've done outside of the workplace community work, if you will. So, it's all the elements of who you are. I just want to kind of throw that in that, you know, think holistically about yourself and all the things that you are and all the things that you've accomplished.