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Transitioning from Bench Chemist into Another Role

Christina Bodurow advises to think about credentials you may need to successfully transition from life at the bench into a new role
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Christina Bodurow, Vice President, Global Regulatory Affairs, Data Sciences, Safety & Regulatory, IQVIA: [00:00:00] I'd like to add to the information that's been shared so far is to do a little bit of research about the credentials that are needed for the pathway that you might be interested in, the non-traditional pathway you might be interested in. For many non-traditional pathways, you may actually want to, or need to get another degree.

Just to give you some examples from my experience at Lilly. We had a number of Bachelor's, Master's, and PhDs who wanted to go into patent law and the company actually had programs where you could apply and the company would fund some, if not all, of your law degree and then bring you back into the patent division.

Some other folks who are interested in business have been mentioned, and in order to get the credentials that they needed, they needed an MBA. The company also had programs like that, where you go off for two years, you're getting your MBA, you come back and you're in a R&D business kind of a role or a strategy, kind of a role or business development for Lilly Research Labs that blend of being a scientist and being a business person really was helping and adding a lot of value to the company.