Procter and Gamble Infographic Text

Tide Carbon Footprint Infographic

Ingredient Sourcing / Production: 13%
Product Manufacturing: 1%
Packaging Sourcing / Production: 4%
Consumer Use Phase: 65%
End of LIfe - Packaging Waste: 2%
End of Life - Product (wastewater treatment): 14%

The Importance of Washing with the Cold Setting

95° to 65° - Moving from hot to warm reduces energy required by 55%
65° to 30° - Moving from warm to cold reduces energy required by 70%
95° to 30° - Moving from hot to cold reduces energy required by 90%

Based on the average energy use per cycle (KWh) for Traditional TL

By switching your wash water temperature from hot to cold, you can save enough energy in one year to

  • Drive from Las Vegas, NV to Los Angeles, CA or the equivalent of 300 miles
  • Charge your smartphone battery for life