ScienceConnect: Langmuir

Presented by ACS Science Talks

10-12 OCTOBER | 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM IST

ScienceConnect: Langmuir, the ACS journal of fundamental interface science

Over 3 days, 18 scientists and researchers, with first-hand insights, will deliver live, interactive presentations, flash talks and panel discussions, in different areas of surface and colloid chemistry.  Each themed day features 6 flash talks with Q&A, followed by a panel discussion, on macromolecule and bio-interfaces, device interfaces or interfacial transport.  

Distinguished Panelist

Prof. Gilbert Walker
Distinguished Professor, Department of Chemistry
University of Toronto, Canada
Editor-in-Chief: Langmuir

Prof. Yogesh M Joshi
Professor, Department of Chemical Engineering
IIT Kanpur, India
Senior Editor: Langmuir

Ask Us Anything - ACS Member Only Q&A Session

10-12 OCT 

ACS members are invited to join Prof. Gilbert Walker,  Prof. Yogesh Joshi and the ACS India team at the close of each session to further discuss the topics and lectures from the event or information about your member benefits. 

Topics and Speakers

Day 1: Macromolecule and Bio-interfaces 


VSFG Study of Restructuring of Lipid Water During the Interaction of a Synuclein with Phospholipids

Prof. Prashant Chandra Singh
School of Chemical Sciences, Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science (IACS), Kolkata 


Hydrophobic Polymer and Proteins and How Osmolytes See Them

Prof. Jagannath Mondal
TIFR center for interdisciplinary sciences (TCIS), Hyderabad 


Insights into Mechanism of Anti-Freeze Activity by Type-III AFPs from Molecular Simulations

Prof. Sudeep N. Punnathanam
Department of Chemical Engineering, IISc- Bangalore


Artificial Active Matter in Complex Surroundings

Prof. Rahul Mangal 
Department of Chemical Engineering, IIT- Kanpur 


Self Assembly of Cyclic Polygon Shaped Fluid Colloidal Membranes Through Pinning

Prof. Prerna Sharma
Department of Physics, IISc- Bangalore


Influence of Co-Solvents on Thermo-responsive Polymer in Aqueous Media

Prof. P. Venkatesu
Department of Chemistry, University of Delhi, Delhi

Day 2:  Device Interfaces 


Acoustofluidics for Manipulation of Micro-objects

Prof. A. K. Sen
Department of Mechanical Engineering, IIT- Madras


Novel Colloidal Transfer Lithography and its Application

Prof. Rabibrata Mukherjee 
Department of Chemical Engineering, IIT- Kharagpur


Localized Surface Plasmon Enriched III-V Nanostructured Optoelectronic Devices

Prof. Govind Gupta
CSIR-National Physical Laboratory, Delhi


Inside the Realm of Mesoscale Liquid Crystal Soft-Assemblies 

Prof. Dipankar Bandyopadhyay
Department of Chemical Engineering, IIT- Guwahati


Designing Molecular Catalyst-Plasmonic Hybrid Assembly for Photo-Driven Water Splitting

Prof. Arnab Datta 
Department of Chemistry, IIT- Bombay


Impedance Spectroscopy for the Study and Development of Enzymes as Electronic Circuitry

Prof. Kavita A. Pandey
Centre for Nano and Soft Matter Sciences, Bangalore

Day 3:  Interfacial Transport


Heteroaggregation of Colloidal Systems: Applications in Interface Science

Prof. Basavaraj Madivala Gurappa
Department of Chemical Engineering, IIT- Madras


Engineering Interfacial Transport Processes in Colloidal Droplets at Milli-micro-nano Lengthscales

Prof. Saptarshi Basu
Department of Mechanical Engineering, IISc- Bangalore


Novel Insights on Fluidic Interfaces in Thermal Applications

Prof. Rishi Raj 
Department of Mechanical Engineering, IIT- Patna


Wetting and Spreading of a Sessile Droplet on Complex Microtextured Surfaces

Prof. Kirti Chandra Sahu 
Department of Chemical Engineering, IIT- Hyderabad


Modulating Rheology, Microstructure and Adsorption Properties of Graphene Oxide Suspensions

Prof. Prachi Thareja 
Department of Chemical Engineering, IIT- Gandhinagar


Action of Gravity in Deposits Left by Drying Drops

Prof. Sumesh P. Thampi
Department of Chemical Engineering, IIT- Madras