SciFinder® Benefit Terms of Use

ACS Member SciFinder® Benefit

Terms and Conditions of Use

ACS members who are in good standing are eligible for 25 complimentary activities for personal use through the ACS Member SciFinder Benefit.

Terms and Conditions

I.    INTRODUCTION. This ACS Member SciFinder Benefit Agreement (“Agreement”) is made between Chemical Abstracts Service (“CAS”), a division of the American Chemical Society (“ACS”), and yourself (“Member”), and provides services according to the following terms and conditions.


 a. Acceptable Use. Member agrees to use SciFinder only for his or her own personal use when accessing SciFinder with the user name given to Member as part of the ACS Member SciFinder Benefit.  Examples of personal use may include:

i. Keeping up with personal interests

ii. Investigating research performed by a prospective employer

iii. Other similar activities


b. Unacceptable Use. Personal use does NOT include:

i. Commercial or institutional use

ii. Use for teaching purposes

iii. Use for consulting purposes

iv. Research beyond Member’s own personal needs

v. Other professional-related interests


c. Information obtained from this service may not be used in lieu of institutional subscriptions

d. Individual Use. SciFinder IDs cannot be shared with others.

e. CAS Information Use Policies. Information Use Policies apply at all times.


a. Enforceability. Should any part of this Agreement be unenforceable, all other provisions will not be affected. In the event that an issue arises regarding this Agreement, the laws of the District of Columbia, USA, shall apply.

b. Governing Law.  Member’s use of SciFinder and these terms and conditions are governed by and will be construed in accordance with the laws of the District of Columbia, USA.

c. Violations.  Violations of these terms and conditions, including non-personal use of SciFinder with ACS Member SciFinder Benefit user name, may lead to ACS Member SciFinder Benefit discontinuation.

For questions, contact ACS Membership Services at or 1-800-333-9511 (toll-free in the USA) or +1 614-447-3776 (from outside of the USA).

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