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Are you passionate about chemistry and eager to share your knowledge with fellow chemists? Look no further than the ACS Speaker Directory, a brand-new, resource, designed to connect experts like you with exciting speaking opportunities. Whether you're a seasoned chemist or just starting your career, this directory is your gateway to connecting with local section leaders in need of talented speakers.

Why Join the ACS Speaker Directory?

  • Local Section Leadership: Elevate your profile within your local section by becoming a recognized leader in your field.
  • Utilize Your Talents: Put your skills to work today to inspire and educate others in the world of chemistry.
  • Accessible to All: The ACS Speaker Directory is available to all our component group leaders, ensuring a broad range of speaking opportunities for every member.
  • Diverse Expertise: Gain access to over 500+ speakers ready to present technical science talks, guide career development and professional advancement, explore general interests, delve into popular science topics, and much more.
  • Actively Recruiting: The ACS is actively seeking passionate speakers like you to join our directory and share your chemistry zeal.
  • Member Benefit: This incredible member benefit is open to all ACS members looking to share their passion for chemistry, enhance their visibility, and expand their professional networks.

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Ready to take the stage and share your expertise? Create your ACS Speaker Directory profile to continue building your speaking engagement resume. Embrace your role as a catalyst for change, inspire others, and watch your professional network flourish. 

To help you get started with your submission, an outline of the required components is listed below.

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  • Headshot 
  • Talk title(s)
  • Talk Objectives &
  • Talk Abstract 

Local Section Leaders

Are you looking for a chemist to speak at your next event? Then browse the directory and connect with one today. The directory makes it simple to review the profile of the speakers, see where their expertise is in categories, and contact them directly via email.

For more information or any additional questions, please email lsac@acs.org