The American Chemical Society launches

The American Chemical Society (ACS) Publications Division has launched JACS Beta, a new experimental Web site for testing innovative features that the Journal of the American Chemical Society (JACS) and its customers are interested in incorporating into the publication’s Web edition.

The new site, found at, is freely available and allows users the opportunity to provide feedback on features ACS is experimenting with to improve the web editions of its publications and extend the reach of JACS content. The JACS Beta Web site is separate from the Web edition of the JACS at

Initial features currently available for testing include:

JACS Virtual Issues, thematic Web-based collections of the best recently published JACS papers. The first virtual issue is on total synthesis of biologically active natural products. Articles in this section are free to non-subscribers until the next virtual issue is posted.

• Interview with William R. Roush, editor of the first JACS Virtual Issue on the Total Synthesis of Biologically Active Natural Products.

JACS Audio Summaries, a complete audio read of selected JACS communications that can be listened to or downloaded to an iPod.

JACS PowerPoint Slide Sets, containing all figures for selected JACS articles.

• PDFs of selected publications with a newly designed cover page that includes information about the Article or Communication, a graphical abstract and embedded hypertext links.

The journal invites chemists, biologists, other scientists and anyone interested in science to visit the site and participate in the testing.

“It’s our goal to extend ACS’ reputation as an authority and leader in chemistry, and position the Journal of the American Chemical Society Web edition as the model for excellence in innovation in the publication of chemical research,” according to JACS officials.