American Chemical Society hosts Sustainability Forum at 239th National Meeting

SAN FRANCISCO, March 16, 2010 — The American Chemical Society (ACS) invites news media covering its 239th National Meeting to the Society’s first sustainability forum on Tuesday, March 23, from 3 p.m. to 5:30 p.m., in the Moscone Center’s Esplanade Ballroom 301. The forum is intended to spark interest among chemical scientists and engineers to collaborate on sustainability projects and to help set the Society’s long-term sustainability agenda.

The forum, organized by a coalition of key Society committees known as the Sustainability Stakeholders Steering Group (S3G), will feature lively discussion of a number of vital questions including:

  • What information could truly advance the practice of chemistry in support of sustainability?
  • What resources do chemists need to tackle the world's sustainability challenges?
  • How can ACS help members explain chemistry's central role in sustainability to the public?
  • What goals should be set regarding the development of a cadre of chemists who can effectively address sustainability?
  • How can ACS, through its advocacy efforts, better advance a sustainable world?
  • How can existing recognition programs be adapted to better encourage sustainability-focused research and practice?
  • How can ACS, through its own operations, better set an example for sustainability?

Individuals can become Sustainability Explorers and help sift through the rich national meeting content to identify ideas or projects that could be used to improve existing ACS activities or create new initiatives. S3G expects that projects identified in San Francisco will range in size — from local to international — and in scope — from one-time activities to multiyear efforts. Participants, working together, will develop the strongest ideas and help make these proposals a reality.

Anyone can submit ideas via the event website,


Media Contact:

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