FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE | January 21, 2011

Membership in the American Chemical Society (ACS), the world’s largest scientific society, exceeds 163,000 at the start of 2011

WASHINGTON, Jan. 21, 2011 — The American Chemical Society (ACS) announced today that a significant number of chemists, chemical engineers, and related professionals joined the Society in 2010, bringing membership to more than 163,000 members. This represents the second highest recruitment ever, second only to 2006.

“These numbers are telling and worthy of celebration,” said ACS President Nancy Jackson, Ph.D. “In a downturned economy, clearly chemists, chemical engineers and chemistry teachers are finding what they need through ACS. From career services to classroom curricula to our peer-reviewed journals and information services, we are internationally recognized for our commitment to advancing science and the chemistry enterprise. But truly, what this tells me is that our professional, educational and public programs are solving critical needs in difficult times.”

The Washington Post recognized ACS among its top 200 organizations in Washington, D.C., in a special print insert on Dec. 27, 2010. The only scientific society the Post honored, ACS was recognized for funding programs in 2010 at a level of $432.2 million, and was listed alongside the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, the National Geographic and the American Red Cross for commendable service in the nonprofit category.

“For nearly 135 years, ACS has taken a leadership role in supporting scientific discovery, technological innovation, and science education — the strong arms of a vital economy,” said ACS Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director Madeleine Jacobs. “Supporting scientists, engineers and educators supports us all. ACS is committed to this work and to America’s future.”

In addition to national and international programs, ACS sponsors extensive public outreach at the community level that makes chemistry accessible to all citizens. National Chemistry Week, Chemists Celebrate Earth Day and Chemistry Ambassadors are a few examples. In 2011, the Society is celebrating the International Year of Chemistry, as designated by the United Nations. For more information, visit


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