American Chemical Society expresses concern over executive order on climate change

WASHINGTON, March 29, 2017 — As the world’s largest scientific society, the American Chemical Society (ACS) expresses its concern over the Presidential executive order on climate change policies, which was released yesterday.

The ACS public policy statement on Global Climate Change specifically supports the importance of addressing Earth’s changing climate and calls for international cooperation to address the issue. The statement notes that climate change is real, is serious and has been influenced by anthropogenic activity. The statement adds that continued uncontrolled greenhouse gas emissions will accelerate and compound the effects of climate change.

“Climate policy in the U.S. has been based on extensive science and an iterative process involving thousands of scientists that span the globe,” says ACS Executive Director and CEO Thomas Connelly Jr., Ph.D. “Climate change is undeniably real, and steps must be taken to prevent further drastic impacts on our environment, economy and quality of life.”

ACS created and maintains a public information resource on climate science — The Climate Science Toolkit. The toolkit has served as a valuable information resource for individuals around the globe. In 2016, the toolkit had nearly 200,000 visits from nearly every country on Earth.

The American Chemical Society is the world’s largest scientific society and a global leader in providing access to chemistry-related research through its multiple databases, peer-reviewed journals and scientific conferences. ACS does not conduct research, but publishes and publicizes peer-reviewed scientific studies. Its main offices are in Washington, D.C., and Columbus, Ohio.

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