ACS Sustainability Grants & Awards

ACS offers sustainability grants and awards to support the advancement of the chemical sciences through research, education, and community projects.


Sustainability Grants

ACS offers grants for advancing sustainability research at your institutition. Grants are available for post-doctoral associates applying for faculty positions at Ph.D.-granting institutions, and early or mid-career investigators.

Early Career Postdoctoral-Faculty Bridge Grant

For post-doctoral associates applying for faculty positions, or faculty in the first 9 months of an appointment, at Ph.D.-granting colleges and universities. Two years of funding to launch an independent research group.

Principal Investigator Development in Sustainability Grant

For early or mid-career investigators from Ph.D.-granting departments expecting to undertake a sabbatical the following year. 

Sustainable Futures Initiative Grant Program

The ACS Campaign for a Sustainable Future aims to advance chemistry innovations to address the challenges articulated in the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals. This multifaceted initiative will have lasting impact on how we conduct research, how we teach chemistry, and how we collaborate globally. The initiative begins with a campaign to fully engage the chemistry community in designing solutions to the grand challenges of sustainability, reimagining how we teach and practice chemistry with a sustainability focus, and raising public awareness among about chemistry’s role in a sustainable future. One of the key initiatives of the Campaign is a grant program, which aims to provide catalytic funding for early and mid-career faculty interested in developing a research and teaching portfolio that contributes directly to developing transformative chemistries that address Sustainable Development Goals.


Sustainability Awards for Chemistry Educators

ACS offers awards for undergraduate educators promoting green chemistry and sustainability education in their classrooms and academic laboratories.

Rising Stars in Green Chemistry Education Award

For outstanding early-career scholars who have committed to focus on green chemistry and/or sustainability in curricula for teaching chemistry, chemical engineering, or a closely related field.

Career Achievement in Green Chemistry Education

For undergraduate instructors who have made a profound and transformative impact on the future of green chemistry and sustainability in education throughout their career.

Teaching Green Fellowship

For undergraduate educators who have demonstrated innovation and creativity in the development of curricular materials infused with green chemistry and/or sustainability concepts.


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