Chemistry & Sustainability

Find out how ACS is shaping the future of sustainable chemistry
and learn ways to get involved.

As the world’s largest society of scientists, the American Chemical Society recognizes the importance of chemistry in improving people’s lives and ensuring the well-being of the planet. ACS is committed to supporting our members and working with partners to address global sustainability challenges.

Learn how the ACS Sustainable Future Strategic Initiative will impact research, education and global collaboration in sustainable chemistry.

Explore how ACS & chemists are using the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals to create a sustainable path into the future.

Learn how ACS promotes advancements in sustainable chemistry and engineering through grants and awards.

Browse ACS webinars on green chemistry topics and learn how chemists use green and sustainable chemistry to improve our world.

The ACS Climate Science Toolkit contains information to help ACS members educate various audiences about climate science.

Read the American Chemical Society's policy positions on advancing sustainability and the environment through chemistry.

Sustainability in ACS Publications