Committee on Constitution and Bylaws (C&B) Roster

The 2024 Committee on Constitution and Bylaws (C&B) is comprised of the following:


  • Keith Vitense, Chair
  • John E. Adams
  • D. Richard Cobb
  • Gregory M. Ferrence
  • Herbert S. Golinkin
  • Mary Kay Heidtke
  • Kathryn Kitzmiller
  • John M. Long
  • Kathryn Lysko
  • James M. Postma
  • Mike Sheets
  • Eleanor D. Siebert
  • J. David Stickler


  • Janet L. Bryant
  • Timothy W. Marin
  • Christopher Whitehead


  • Donna G. Friedman, Liaison from CPC
  • Margaret A. Matthews, Liaison from DAC
  • Susan V. Olesik, Liaison from ConC 
  • Amy Yam, Staff Liaison