CEPA Roster

The members of the 2024 Committee on Economic and Professional Affairs include:


John Gavenonis, reappointment

2024 – 2026 Members (three-year appointment)  

  • Christopher W. Avery, reappointment
  • Kenneth P. Fivizzani, appointment
  • Kathryn E. Leach, reappointment
  • Carol Mulrooney, reappointment
  • Kristin M. Nuzzio, appointment
  • Amanda K. Peterson Mann, reappointment

2023 – 2025 Members  

  • Blakely Adair-Hudson, appointment (two-year appointment)
  • Penny Beuning, continuing
  • Arindam Bose, continuing
  • Lawrence W. Dennis, continuing
  • John Gavenonis, continuing

2024 Members  

  • Amy M. Hamlin-Moore, appointment (one-year appointment)
  • Silvia S. Jurisson, continuing
  • Christine McInnis, continuing
  • Richard J. Mullins, continuing
  • Ruth E. Tanner, continuing
  • Bhaskar R. Venepalli, continuing

2024 Associates (one-year appointment)  

  • Anthony W. Addison, reappointment
  • Kara M. KasaKaitas, appointment
  • Vanessa M. Marx, appointment
  • Clementina Mesaros, reappointment
  • Sergio C. Nanita, appointment
  • Beverly Briggs Penland, reappointment
  • Diane Grob Schmidt, appointment

Staff Liaison

  • Tom Halleran

Committee on Committees Liaison

  • Martha G. Hollomon

All formal votes of ACS Committees may be made by committee Members only. The Chair of each committee may make use of informal votes or polls to assess the sense of those present. Such informal votes may include committee associates, committee liaisons, consultants and visitors. The Committee on Committees (ConC) encourages Chairs to use informal votes in an effort to retain an air of openness and fairness.