goal 2

Goal 2

Empower Members and Member Communities

Provide access to opportunities, resources, skills training, and networks to empower our global members and diverse member communities to thrive.

ACS will develop and provide resources to enable chemistry-related professionals to succeed in the global scientific enterprise. The Society will support members in their quest for technical competence, a strong ethics and safety culture, and professional advancement. ACS will also help members form and maintain inclusive communities worldwide — both traditional, established communities and limited-lifetime, self-organizing communities — as they work to collaboratively address the major chemistry-related problems and opportunities of our time.

Get Involved!


Volunteers have served as science coaches since 2010-2011. (255 coaches for 2021-2022)

Science Coaches



Local Sections and 4 International Chapters

National Chemistry Week


Members opted-in to LinkedIn Learning Resources in 2020

Developing & Growing in Your Career


Members attended workshops hosted by the ACS Leadership Development System

ACS Leadership Development System