Neither Fish nor Fowl—The Growth of Alternatives to Animal-Derived Food

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In recent years the number of people pursuing vegetarian and vegan lifestyles has risen. In response, several start-up and established companies are developing and commercializing nonanimal foods to provide alternatives to animal-based meat.

Join Julie Mann of PURIS Holdings, Joshua March of Artemys Foods, and Andrew Ive of Big Idea Ventures as they discuss this sector’s growth and the challenges to consumer adoption of alternative meats. During this free interactive broadcast, discover how this transformation will affect the future of food consumption despite the regulatory, economic, and consumer-perception hurdles it faces.

This ACS Webinar is moderated by Christopher Gregson of Greenstalk Food Consulting and co-produced with the Science History Institute and Chemical & Engineering News.

What You Will Learn

  • A better understanding of the most significant transformation of the food industry in decades
  •  The challenges of formulating plant-based products or using cell cultures to “grow” meat
  • How it will affect peoples’ dietary choices in the future


Meet the Experts

Julie Mann
Chief Innovation Officer,
PURIS Holdings, LLC

Joshua March
Co-founder & CEO,
Artemys Foods

Andrew Ive
Founder & GP,
Big Idea Venture

Chris Gregson
Greenstalk Food Consulting  

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