Breaking Barriers: Women in Green and Sustainable Chemistry

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A woman punching through a green barrier.

The United Nations has outlined 17 sustainable development goals with ambitious targets for the world to reach by 2030, including zero hunger, affordable and clean energy, and responsible consumption and production. The fifth sustainability goal, gender inequality, is widely recognized as a significant hindrance to sustainable development and without fully addressing it, reaching the other goals will be much more difficult. If we are to succeed, women must be embraced as powerful agents of change and their inclusion prioritized for their transformative contributions to economic, social, and environmental systems.

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You are invited to participate in an enlightening discussion hosted by ACS regarding the role of women in chemistry in advancing the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals. During this webinar, panelists from the chemical industry, academia, and the non-profit sector will explore how a more systematic inclusion of women in all aspects of green and sustainable chemistry and engineering is crucial for the preservation and improvement of our planet. They will also delve into the barriers currently faced by women and the role of the community in ensuring that women can make holistic contributions to this endeavor.

This webinar is part of the lead up to the IUPAC Global Women’s Breakfast (#GWB2023) and U.N. Day of Women and Girls in Science on Feb. 14 ( A recording will be made available by Feb. 14 for #GWB2023 events to use.

What You Will Learn

  • Why a systemic change enabled by the holistic and inclusive perspective of green and sustainable chemistry and engineering is essential to promoting peace, protecting our planet, and ending poverty by 2030
  • What is the unique position that women play as agents of change in the sustainable chemical enterprise
  • What are the barriers faced by women and how can they be overcome by individual and collective action of the chemistry community

Webinar Details

  • Wednesday, February 8, 2022 @ 2-3:15pm ET
  • Free to Register with ACS ID
  • The slides will available for download on the day of the event


Meet the Experts

Laura McConnell
Bayer Science Fellow, Bayer Crop Science & Deputy Editor, ACS Agricultural Science and Technology

Juliana Vidal
Program Manager, Beyond Benign

Francesca Kerton
Professor, Department of Chemistry, Memorial University of Newfoundland & Co-Chair of 2023 ACS Green Chemistry and Engineering Conference, & Associate Editor, RSC Sustainability

Adelina Voutchkova-Kostal
ACS Director of Sustainability,
American Chemical Society

Audrey Moores
Professor, Department of Chemistry, McGill University & Associate Editor, ACS Sustainable Chemical & Engineering

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