Starting a Company—Where Do You Get Funding?

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As your science based start-up company evolves from lab bench to market, you will require large investments provided at various times. There are many types of investors, each basing their willingness to invest on differing criteria. Your goal is to convince sophisticated investors that an investment in your company will provide them with a desirable return for the risk they are taking.

Join Jim Skinner of Terregena, Inc. and the ACS Division of Small Chemical Businesses during this free interactive broadcast as he discusses the different types of investors, their investing criteria, and the impact that their investment will have on the ownership and management of your company.

What You Will Learn

  • The many sources of funding and their impact on ownership
  • The importance of milestone achievements for valuation purposes
  • The criteria and terms that investors use to make investing decisions


Meet the Experts

Jim Skinner
Terregena Inc.

H.N. Cheng
2020 ACS President-Elect

Diane Grob Schmidt
2015 ACS President

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