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Community Protection Strategies in the COVID Era

ACS Webinars
A woman wearing a surgical mask

Traditionally, controlling exposures to occupational hazards in a laboratory setting is a fundamental method of protecting researchers. However, during a pandemic where contagion is also a real threat to researcher safety, how can the hierarchy of controls can be applied to the campus community setting?

Join Robin Izzo of Princeton University and Frankie Wood-Black of Sophic Pursuits as they discuss protective equipment expectations, best practices for physical distancing, and ventilation considerations for both laboratory and public spaces on open campuses.  

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What You Will Learn:        

  • Advantages and challenges of using personal protective equipment for community protection
  • Best practices in physical distancing and peer coaching in the teaching and research settings
  • Ventilation considerations in managing COVID concerns


Robin Izzo
Princeton University

Frankie Wood-Black
Sophic Pursuits

Ralph Stuart
Keene State College and
ACS Committee on Chemical Safety