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COVID-19 Vaccines: Progress, Challenges and Hope

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Covid-19 cell

In one year’s time the novel coronavirus has infected over 72 million people globally and has taken the lives of over a million and half people worldwide. However, with the coming of a new year there is new optimism as the scientific community has developed various potential vaccine candidates to address the pandemic.

As a specialist in scientific information solutions, CAS has partnered with research organizations around the globe to tackle the rapidly evolving and complex challenge of COVID-19. In April of this year, during the early days of the pandemic, CAS outlined the prospects for vaccines and therapeutics to treat COVID-19. Now as clinical trials continue and countries begin to authorize vaccines for use, join us for this anticipated update.

Discover how vaccines generally prepare our immune system to respond to pathogens, explore the scientific, clinical, and production details regarding the vaccine development platforms for the coronavirus, and learn about the global COVID-19 vaccine research landscape and published research.

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What You Will Learn

  • How vaccines mimic pathogens prepare our immune system for real invaders and how does a mRNA vaccine work
  • What are the major COVID-19 vaccine development platforms and how do the vaccine front-runners compare
  • Global COVID-19 vaccine research landscape and published research

Qiongqiong Angela Zhou
Information Scientist, Content Operations

Cynthia Liu
Manager, Scientific Information, Content Operations

Catherine Saveson
Manager, Scientific Information, Content Operations

Gilles Georges
Vice President, Content Operations, and Chief Scientific Officer


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