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"I Can Be a Scientist, Too!” How to Create Opportunity in the STEM Classroom

ACS Webinars

All students deserve the opportunity to see themselves in a STEM career and as STEM educators, we can help students visualize this if we focus explicitly to issues of access, inclusiveness, fairness, and equity in our classrooms. 

Join high school STEM educators from the Arlington Public School System in Virginia, during this free interactive broadcast, as they share their insight on cultivating an inclusive science classroom as well as examine the challenges that are obstacles to achieving this goal.


What You Will Learn

  • Ideas, insights, and perspectives on cultivating an equitable, inclusive STEM classroom 
  • Practical takeaways to encourage equity and inclusivity in the STEM classroom 
  • Overcoming challenges and barriers to achieving equity


Jason Love
Math Teacher,
Wakefield High School

Davis Tran
Biology Teacher,
Wakefield High School

Nelson Fuamenya
Biology Teacher,
Wakefield High School

Ana Munoz
Immersion Biology and Chemistry Teacher, Wakefield High School

Hina Aftab
Computer Science Teacher,
Wakefield High School

Verlese Gaither  
Chemistry Teacher,
Wakefield High School

Arron Gregory
Chief Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Officer, Arlington Public Schools

Peter Dorhout
Past ACS President,
Vice President for Research,
Iowa State University


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