The Opioid Crisis and Quest for Superior Analgesics without Addiction

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Opioid-related drug overdoses are leading to approximately 150 deaths every day in the United States alone. Furthermore, present day statistics show that almost a third of the American population suffer from chronic pain and opioids continue to be our best choice for pain-relief. Join Ajay Yekkirala of Blue Therapeutics, who has over 10 years of research experience in opioid medicinal chemistry and the neurobiology of pain, to discover how medicinal chemists are developing potent analgesics that are devoid of narcotic side effects to stop the cycle of pain-opioid abuse.

What You Will Learn

  • What are the stats, scientific issues, and policy ramifications driving the opioid crisis
  • What are the body’s pain pathways and where are the potential clinical targets
  • The search for solutions and what are medicinal chemists working on right now


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The Fine Print

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Meet the Experts

Ajay Yekkirala
Blue Therapeutics

Jane Aldrich
University of Florida

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