Refugees, Displaced Scientists, and Chemistry Communities: Creative Approaches to Support Chemical Practitioners

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What can chemical science practitioners do to assist their colleagues displaced by war, political unrest, or other major events? Join a diverse panel of domestic and international scientists that will outline the issues facing displaced scholars and offer examples of creative activities to help colleagues in need. During this free interactive broadcast, which is co-organized as part of the ACS Science and Human Rights initiative, you will discover ways that you can make a positive impact and support threatened scholars around the globe.

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What You Will Learn From Each Speaker:

  • Dr. Admir Masic of the MIT Refugee Action Hub (ReACT), will discuss how to assist refugees in achieving online master’s certificates
  • Dr. Robin Perutz of the University of York will discuss his experience as a host to refugee academics in the U.K.
  • Dr. Jeff Wilkesman, a fellow with the Philipp-Schwartz-Initiative, will discuss his experience as a resettled scholar in Germany


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Meet the Experts

Jeff Wilkesman
University of Carabobo

Admir Masic
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Robin Perutz
The University of York

Dorothy Phillips
Director-at-Large, ACS Board of Directors

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