Safer Chemistry Education at Home

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Chemical warning on a green bottle.

The post-COVID science education environment has led to widespread remote and self-guided learning. With this explosion in home-based learning, it is important to emphasize safety concepts that should be observed outside of school. These safety concepts can apply to all levels of chemistry education and all science contents. This circumstance is challenging to navigate from every perspective, but provides the opportunity to break down the disciplinary silos in education. 

Join speakers Debbie Decker of UC Davis, Jennifer Bishoff of Frostburg University, and Ralph Stuart of Keene State College during this free interactive broadcast as they discuss safety concepts that can be applied in post-COVID remote and self-guided learning environment.

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What You Will Learn:       

  • Home chemistry learning opportunities
  • Safety concerns with home chemistry education
  • ACS resources to support science safety education


Debbie M. Decker
University of California, Davis

Jennifer Bishoff
Frostburg University

Ralph Stuart
Keene State College