Starting a Company—Sole Proprietorship to Incorporation

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There is so much more to starting a company than filing for incorporation, LLC or Sole Proprietorship.

Join Corporate Attorneys Jim Verdonik and Benji Jones of Innovate Capital Law for our continuing small business and entrepreneurship themed mini-series to guide you through the complicated process of starting a company. Valuable advice will be shared to assist you with the most common mistakes people make during planning and the first year of building a company.

This ACS Webinar is moderated by Entrepreneurial Specialist Jim Skinner of ACS SCHB with a special introduction by 2021 ACS President H.N. Cheng and co-produced by ACS staff, governance, committees, and technical divisions specializing in serving our industry members.

What You Will Learn

  • How Founders Agreements and organization documents set the rules you’ll live by for a long time
  • Why allocating equity ownership to founders, employees, contractors and investors takes a lot of planning
  • How tax issues play important roles in planning



Jim Verdonik
Corporate Attorney,
Innovate Capital Law

Benji Jones
Corporate Attorney,
Innovate Capital Law  

Jim Skinner
Terregena Inc.

H.N. Cheng
2020 ACS President

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