A Nanomedicine Overview for mRNA Delivery—Innovative Methods Using Lipid Nanoparticles

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Using Nanomedicines as drug delivery vehicles is attractive because such vehicles can pack drug product more efficiently, enhance its bioavailability, and target specific cells. However, the application of messenger RNA (mRNA) as a therapeutic treatment lacks a safe formulation that can effectively compact the long and negatively charged biomolecule, as well as deliver it into target cells without causing degradation. Join Marianna Yanez Arteta of AstraZeneca in the free, interactive webinar to discover how different scattering techniques are being employed to characterize lipid nanoparticles for efficient mRNA delivery.

What You Will Learn

  • What current nanomedicines are being developed for drug delivery with emphasis in gene therapy
  • Why use of lipid nanoparticles for RNA delivery
  • How physical chemical characterization methods like small angle scattering, can be applied to elucidate the structure of lipid nanoparticles and improve their efficacy


The Fine Print

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Marianna Yanez Arteta

Dennis Leung

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