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Lithium-ion Batteries: The Road to Sustainable Energy Storage

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In order to meet the energy needs that power the technologies that make modern society function, we must look to clean energy that can be produced and stored in a sustainable way.

Join ACS President H.N. Cheng for “Frontier Fridays” a mini-series that explores new frontiers in science that will revolutionize the future of the human race. During this second broadcast, Professor Amy Lucía Prieto of Colorado State University and Founder of Prieto Battery, Inc. will discuss how lithium-ion rechargeable batteries can be used to enable a wide range of exciting technologies. Register now to discover the current challenges in the marketplace and why the path from developing a new kind of battery to commercialization is so long and complex.

This ACS Webinar is moderated by Young-Shin Jun (Chair of Science & Technology Subcommittee of the ACS Committee on Science) of the Washington University in St. Louis. The “Frontier Fridays” Webinar Series are organized by ACS President H.N. Cheng, Michael Morello (Division Representative, ACS Committee on Science) Retired formerly PepsiCo R&D, Young-Shin Jun of Washington University in St. Louis, and Martin G. Kociolek (Chair of the ACS Committee on Science) of Penn State Behrend, and co-produced with the ACS Committee on Science.

What You Will Learn

  • Why battery chemistry is complex and interdisciplinary 
  • How the iteration of synthesis, characterization, and modeling is key for accelerating discovery 
  • Why there is no one perfect battery for every application
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Amy Lucía Prieto
Professor, Department of Chemistry,
Colorado State University &
Founder, Prieto Battery, Inc.

H.N. Cheng
American Chemical Society

Young-Shin Jun
Professor Department of Energy, Environmental & Chemical Engineering, Washington University in St. Louis

Co-Produced With

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