Avoiding PAINS (Pan-Assay Interference Compounds)

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Increasingly accessible to academic researchers, high-throughput screening (HTS) is one of the best ways to discover starting points for new chemical probes and first-in-class drug candidates. However, researchers new to HTS do not often appreciate how readily this technology furnishes artefacts (Pan Assay Interference Compounds or PAINS) that can distract and mislead. Join Jonathan Baell as he shares some tips on how to avoid the dead ends of drug discovery. 

What You Will Learn

  • A working understanding of why PAINS truly are PAINful and not acceptable
  • An easy way to recognize if your hits are PAINS
  • How you can help the academic drug discovery community



The Fine Print

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Jonathan Baell
Monash University

Thomas E. Prisinzano
University of Kansas

Dan Erlanson
Carmot Therapeutics

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